What is 7-Keto

7-Keto – The Weight Loss Super Supplement

As the body gets older, it becomes harder to lose weight and control fat using the “tried and true” methods. Exercise and diet will help you shed some pounds, but there are other factors at play here that can prevent you from really getting trim and fit. Different products on the market claim to take care of these issues. Whether it’s a supplement that supposedly suppresses appetite, burns fat, increases muscle mass or heats up the body to lose weight, there are a lot of theories with a lot of theoretical solutions.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about a new supplement called 7-Keto. 7-Keto has a lot of potential for helping individuals lose weight along with a few other fascinating benefits that come along with it. The beauty of this supplement really comes in it’s ability to increase metabolism rates, meaning that losing and keeping weight off is an overall simpler process. But it also increases thermogenesis (heat production), aids the body in building lean muscle, slows down aging and even improves memory.

How 7-Keto Works on Metabolism

The main mechanism of action with 7-Keto is that it stimulates the thyroid gland to raise your metabolism, which in turn helps to lose weight and keep it off. That’s a lot of fancy talk, but there is a lot of scientific backing to it. There is a hormone in the human body called DHEA, and it works in the thyroid to keep metabolism low throughout the human body. A low metabolism means that the body can more effectively burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

Unfortunately, as the human body ages, DHEA production slows and metabolism inevitably rises, making the weight loss process a lot more difficult. This is where 7-Keto comes in. It’s a natural bi- product of DHEA and it helps replenish the body’s diminishing supply. By taking the recommended 200 milligrams per day, it will help the thyroid gland increase metabolism rates and get the body back to how it was when it was young. With a speedier metabolism through the use of 7-Keto, the body has a much easier time breaking down fat and building muscle.

Other Benefits of 7-Keto

So the main benefit of this supplement is the quickened metabolism, we’ve established that. But does it have any additional benefits? It certainly does. 7-Keto also aids a process called thermogenesis. Theremogenesis sounds like some sort of roller coaster ride, but it’s essentially just a process that heats up the body in order to expend energy and oxidize fat. A stimulated thermogenesis allows the body to be working on burning fat around the clock, and 7-Keto is known to be an effective stimulator.

But 7-Keto even has benefits beyond the realm of weight loss! It’s stimulating effect on the thyroid gland not only increases metabolism but slows down aging altogether. DHEA is an all-encompassing hormone that keeps us young, so replenishing it with 7-Keto essentially helps to maintain that source of youth for a longer amount of time. Along the same lines, this supplement has also been said to aid memory.

7-Keto is a great supplement that has a lot of potential in the future of weight loss. It increases metabolism that would otherwise have been lost with age and it helps to gain muscle at the same time. When you add in the extra benefits like slowed aging and memory aid, 7-Keto really becomes a
supplement that everyone should look into.

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