Is 7 Keto Safe?

The safeness of a product should always come before its’ effectiveness in terms of importance. There is no point in using an effective product that is going to harm you in the long run. There are hundreds of diet products, including a relatively unknown substance called 7-keto, which has had growing interest over the past few months. A few new 7-keto diet supplements have appeared on the market and as interest continues to increase, the question remains – is 7-keto safe?

Before answering this question, one must understand what 7-keto actually is. 7- keto is actually called 7-keto DHEA. It is a by-product of a chemical that is naturally created in the body called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This hormone is converted into steroid hormones like estrogen and androgen.

As mentioned before, 7-keto is just a by-product created when DHEA is converted into these hormones. It is primarily involved with the body’s metabolism and high levels equal a higher metabolism. As we age, our levels of 7-keto drop because of levels of steroid hormones drop as well. This explains the sudden decrease in metabolism, which generally occurs when a person reaches the age of 25-30.

Now that we know what 7-keto is, we can determine whether or not 7-keto is actually safe. Upon further inspection, the substance itself, presents no harm. Our body naturally creates 7-keto, so it does not cause dangerous side effects or health effects.

Research also supports the claims by 7-keto manufacturers that 7-keto is safe. In a clinical trial, patients were given a placebo or a 100mg capsule of 7-keto. Participants were told to record any side effects or health problems. They found that the placebo group actually complained of more side effects, despite the fact that they were given nothing.

There are only two groups that should take extra precautions before taking 7-keto. Pregnant women should speak to their doctor before attempting to use 7-keto, let alone any supplement. This isn’t to say 7-keto will directly cause a health effect, but that pregnant women should always take precautions before starting a supplement.

The second group that should take precautions is children. Children have naturally high levels of 7-keto. This is the reason most children have such high metabolisms. Therefore, 7-keto supplementation will really not provide many benefits, if any at all. However, if your child does happen to have low testosterone or estrogens levels, then 7-keto may be able to help because low sex hormone levels means that he or she has a low 7-keto level as well.

The final verdict is that 7-keto is absolutely safe and effective for what it says. Make sure to read the label before buying a 7-keto supplement to ensure what you are getting is of a high quality. We recommend 7-keto pure, a proven product designed to provide you with the metabolic boosts you desire. It’s composed of the highest quality ingredients, including 7-keto, and you can expect to experience a dramatic increase in your metabolism after only a short period of time.


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