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Choosing the right 7 Keto Supplement

Recently there has been quite a buzz around 7 Keto, thanks to Dr. Oz, seemingly over night there has been questionable sellers popping up. Many of these sellers are looking to cash in and make a quick buck off a hot new trend.  Supplements priced as low as $13 are generally cheap generic brands that anyone can buy in bulk and re-sell. When you are shopping for a 7 keto product, be sure to buy from a reputable company with a way to contact customer service and a good return policy.

There are a couple things to consider:

  • Quality Ingredients – Low quality and possibly fake ingredients will not be effective.
  • Safety–  Cheap ingredients can sometimes mean unsafe.
  • The Seller - Its important decision when choosing the seller of a supplement, theres something to be said for a company with great customer service, anyone can sell on Amazon, eBay and a slew of other websites.
  • Pricing – We all want to save money, but buying a cheap supplement that you are going to ingest may not be wise. High quality 7 Keto products typically range from $40-50 a bottle.

Taking the proper does is also very important, an effective dose of 7-Keto is 100mg twice a day for a daily serving of 200mg. It is important to lose weight at a steady pace, it is actually unhealthy to lose weight too fast. 

What brand do we recommend?

7-Keto Pure is the the only brand with a 60 day return policy, outstanding customer service and fair pricing – around $35 per bottle for a 3 month supply.

If you want to try it yourself visit their website here.

Why You Aren’t Losing Weight With 7-Keto

Out of all the weight loss products on the market, 7-Keto is arguably the safest and
most widely studied weight loss supplements. It’s one of the few natural weight loss
products that has numerous research to support its’ claims as a legitimate weight
loss product. So if you are using 7-Keto – why might you not be seeing the weight
loss results you want. Here are some of the most common reasons:

healthy-foodYou’re eating the wrong foods: Even though 7-keto can naturally help your body burn fat and fight weight gain, it still matters what foods you put in it. Eating simple processed carbohydrates and fast food aren’t going to help you lose weight – even if you think you may have a caloric deficit. These foods slow your body down and will prevent 7-Keto from activating your metabolism.

sleepYou aren’t sleeping enough: Sleep is incredibly important for weight loss. Sleep helps the body recharge and helps keep your metabolism steady. Failure to sleep will slow down your body and prevent you from losing weight. In one study, participants who took 7-keto and slept less than 6 hours per night lost about half the amount of weight of the participants who were able to sleep over 8 hours per night.

You aren’t eating enough: Believe it or not, eating too little actually has a negative effect on weight loss. Not only will your body not have enough energy to function properly, but it also won’t receive the essential vitamins and minerals it needs. You
need to ensure you are properly feeding yourself the nutrients you need. You still
can have a caloric deficit, but you need to ensure you consume a healthy amount of
calories per night.

exercisingYou are over-exercising: Exercising is great and it has many benefits to go along with weight loss. However, over-exercising is bad for your body and can actually slow down your weight loss results. If you are over-exercising your body actually needs more calories and nutrients than if you were training at an acceptable level. Plus, your muscles might actually start wasting away, which has the adverse affect on weight loss Make sure you are properly resting after exercising and consuming enough protein per day to ensure your muscles can rest and heal.

You are using the wrong dosage: The recommended dosage for 7-keto is 100mgs
taken twice per day. This has the best effect and allows your 7-keto levels to stay
at a healthy level and ensures your body can constantly be burning fat at all times.
Therefore, if you are taking a different dosage, consider switching to this dosage to
see better, faster results.

These are 5 of the most common reasons that 7-keto users do not see the results
they desire. If you are not losing weight with 7-keto consider evaluating how you
stand with each of these categories. You will most likely find yourself lacking in one
of these areas. 7-keto is an incredibly powerful weight loss tool that will help you
reach your goals fast and keep off those unwanted pounds. Don’t get frustrated if
you don’t see weight loss in a week – give it some time to work and watch 7-keto
change your life for good!

7-keto for Weight Loss

While most weight loss supplements come and go, 7-keto is one the rare weight loss products that has stood the test of time and continued to provide steady weight loss results. Since the studies in the late 1990s’ were published, interest in 7-keto has steadily grown, especially after published weight loss success stories. If you need to lose weight and want a boost, 7-keto might just be the product for you. So how does it work?

To understand how 7-keto causes weight loss, you first need to understand what exactly it is. 7-keto is a byproduct a steroid hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). However, unlike DHEA, 7-keto is not converted into testosterone or estrogen. Instead, 7-keto controls a series of chemical reactions commonly referred to as your metabolism.

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Is 7-Keto Right For You?

healthy women using 7-ketoThere are literally thousands of diet supplements in the weight loss market right now. It is incredibly difficult to determine what diet product is right for you. A growing number of dieters are starting to choose 7-keto supplements as their preferred diet supplement due to it’s proven weight loss benefits. 7-keto may just be the product you need to lose weight, but how can you be sure?

The main function of 7-keto is to stimulate our thyroid gland. Our thyroid gland converts DHEA into sex hormones, which keep us looking young. The thyroid gland also is responsible for maintaining the body’s metabolism, which controls how many calories we burn.

This means a higher metabolism equals more calories burned, which equals more fat burned away.

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What Does 7-Keto Actually Do?

as seen on TVYou may have heard a lot about 7-keto recently as the buzz surrounding it has exploded in recent weeks. Most of the buzz is due to Dr. Oz, who mentioned it on his TV show. He mentioned 7-keto as one of his belly-busting supplements in a bottle. Now, while everybody talks about how 7-keto actually helps you lose weight and this and that, many people don’t realize what 7-keto actually does.

7-keto is considered to be a metabolism booster. Our metabolism controls the rate at which we burn calories and thus how much fat we burn. It is a set of chemical reactions, which supply the body with energy it needs by converting fats, starches, and proteins into ATP.

Essentially, what 7-keto does is to raise your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Your resting metabolic rate is the rate at which your burn calories during complete rest. This includes things like sleeping, watching TV, sitting down, lying, or reading a book. Continue reading

Is 7 Keto Safe?

The safeness of a product should always come before its’ effectiveness in terms of importance. There is no point in using an effective product that is going to harm you in the long run. There are hundreds of diet products, including a relatively unknown substance called 7-keto, which has had growing interest over the past few months. A few new 7-keto diet supplements have appeared on the market and as interest continues to increase, the question remains – is 7-keto safe?

Before answering this question, one must understand what 7-keto actually is. 7- keto is actually called 7-keto DHEA. It is a by-product of a chemical that is naturally created in the body called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This hormone is converted into steroid hormones like estrogen and androgen.

As mentioned before, 7-keto is just a by-product created when DHEA is converted into these hormones. It is primarily involved with the body’s metabolism and high levels equal a higher metabolism. As we age, our levels of 7-keto drop because of levels of steroid hormones drop as well. This explains the sudden decrease in metabolism, which generally occurs when a person reaches the age of 25-30.

Now that we know what 7-keto is, we can determine whether or not 7-keto is actually safe. Upon further inspection, the substance itself, presents no harm. Our body naturally creates 7-keto, so it does not cause dangerous side effects or health effects. Continue reading

7-Keto, a solution to my body image problems that isn’t just a fad!

7-keto girlAre you looking for a solution to your image problem?

With ever increasing pressure to look our best, it seems every year a new diet fad or miracle solution to body image problems is revealed, only to be outed as a hoax or a get rich quick scheme for its main proclaimers. We’ve all seen them come and go, those meat only diets, grapefruit diets and vibrating muscle pads which do nothing for the poor people who are desperate for answers and merely line the pockets of businessmen looking to rip off the desperate and those lacking in confidence. It isn’t difficult to see how this happens. We only have to turn on a television or open any lifestyle magazine to see hundreds of images of happy, healthy, slim young women fawning over young, muscular and smug looking men. Luckily 7-Keto is a tried and tested solution.  Continue reading

A radical new solution to your body image problems

7-keto can help with weightFeeling unconfident with your body?


Getting older is never easy. With an increasingly youthful world springing up around us, finding ourselves creeping towards middle age can be an incredibly depressing time. Everywhere we look, we see youthful, beautiful bodies and spritely, active young people looking back at us. The media is full of strong, slim young people, and the pressure to look our best is stronger than it has ever been.

If you look in the mirror and don’t see what you want to see, and as such are suffering from a crisis of confidence due to your waistline or your lack of muscle tissue and the strong body society dictates to be important, then you are probably crying out for an answer, a solution to a seemingly unavoidable obstacle to your confidence and happiness. Perhaps you want to get your love life back on track by feeling desireable again. Perhaps you have tried dieting and working out and all manner of fads and fake quick fix solutions to achieve the sort of body you want to have, and are looking for a solution that will actually produce results.

The simple fact is, not all of us can benefit from completely natural methods of losing weight and reversing the signs of ageing. No healthcare expert, nutritionist or personal trainer will tell you this, but the truth is that genetics play a large role in our ability to lose weight and build muscle tissue. If you do not have a genetic disposition towards such things, then no matter how hard you try, you won’t see the results from your diet or work out regime that come so easily to others. This can be incredibly frustrating, and understandably so! Continue reading

7-Keto DHEA

7 keto DHEA Does your body need a helping hand?

Many people, when they look in the mirror, are happy with what they see. For some people, losing weight, building muscle tissue and generally looking young and healthy comes easily. Not many health experts, nutritionists or personal trainers will tell you this, but the fact is that a considerable amount of how we look and our ability to see results from natural dieting and working out is genetic, and completely out of our control. As such, if you genes are not working in your favour, no matter how much you diet or hit the gym, you simply won’t see the results you are after in the same ways or the same time period as somebody with a genetic predisposition for effective dieting or muscle building.

This can be a little bit depressing for many people, as there is no doubt that our modern and competitive society demands us to look as young and as fit and healthy as possible at all times. There seems to be no place in this beauty obsessed society for anyone lacking in confidence due to the way their body looks, or anyone insecure about their ageing. If you are someone whose genetics do not allow them to see natural effects from natural dieting or working out, you are probably feeling desperately insecure every time you look in a mirror, and can’t face the idea of heading to the beach or anywhere where your body might be on display. Thankfully, there is a solution for you in the form of 7-keto DHEA, a fantastic new product which is helping thousands of people around the world achieve the bodily results of their dreams. Continue reading